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Street Talk: ‘Why Is Money Important’, Out On Spotify!

By: Krishma | October 6, 2022

There are a lot of opinions and views on the importance of money. No doubt, everybody in the world needs it, but with changing times everybody in the world has entered a race of minting more and more money. Considered to be ‘root of all evils’ which can’t buy happiness, money is an unavoidable aspect of our life which help us achieve goals and better lifestyle.

But let us accept, having money also makes it harder to be sympathetic and friendly to other people.

Thus, Karishma asked some random folks about their opinion on the importance and value of money! Also Read : Street Talk: Why Do People Get Insecure From Their Partner's Best Friend?


After talking to a lot of people, we can certainly declare that the majority of them concur that money has value. The audience members who shared their opinions stated that their friendships and relationships were directly correlated with their financial situation. Also Read : Street Talk: LGBTQ Special, Out On Spotify!

However, a few respondents acknowledged that they put their friendships ahead of money.

Well, you can listen to the mixed response on Spotify! Listen it now!

Or you can watch the video here :

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