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Bambukat Producer Starts Shooting For His Next But Not With Ammy!

By: Prakriti | March 6, 2017

Amiek Singh Virk, the dashing new age producer of Punjabi cinema who set his foot into the industry with a blockbuster film 'Bambukat' is back with another project but this time Ammy Virk is not on the list of leads.

The actor, who seems to be making wrong choices in terms of films - Ranjit Bawa, is now finally shooting for a film that's gonna get him recognition as an actor (We hope).

Though after seeing Sarvann, I was sure that Ranjit is a good actor, but the flop tag of the film has surely added to his list of projects, even though he wasn't to be blamed for it.

Ranjit Bawa's upcoming movie is “Bhalwan Singh” and is directed by  Param Shiv. The director is the son of Harjit Singh, Director of 2015 film 'Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe'.

He's also related to Anurag Singh in a way that he's Anurag's wife Madhurjeet Sargi's brother.

Anshul Chaubey is the cinematographer of the movie which is tentatively releasing this year. This one seems to be another period film and it's shoot has already commenced in the suburbs of Rajasthan.

Amiek talked to us in an exclusive interview and disclosed that Bhalwan Singh is a movie from the British era and the storyline focusses on a man who is a nobody in the village. It's his journey towards self attainment and winning over his lady love.

Opposite Ranjit is a new comer Navpreet Bagga wo is originally a Canadian Punjabi girl. You might know her if you follow Browngirlifts because she is the one who makes those funny videos.

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