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Padma Shri Kaur Singh Trailer Review: This One Is Not A Biopic!

By: Gurleen | July 2, 2022

The trailer of Vikram Pradhan’s ‘Padma Shri Kaur Singh’ has just dropped and here we are yet again back with our trailer review!

Before starting the review, Phew! It’s a new faces alert! I mean it is so relieving to see new faces in the film because I was actually done watching those repeated-on screen pairs one after the other. These so-called ‘superstars’ were having their back to back releases, then their single tracks….Dayum!

So, let’s appreciate the freshness surrounding the film.

Now, actually talking about the storyline, the film which we were perceiving to be a full-fledged biopic on the life of Indian boxer Kaur Singh is actually not a biopic. Well, for me, it was not! I found it more of a love story cum inspiration from the boxer’s life. While watching the trailer, I also got the essence of Ammy Virk-Tania starrer ‘Sufna’ because of the ‘Fauji’ angle involved. Also, since it’s a Punjabi film, of course vyaah angle tan hona hi si.

Talking about the actors in the film, we saw Karam Batth in the lead (also the producer of the film) who had a constant expression throughout, but we are still looking forward to his performance.  

Prabh Grewal is seen as the female lead. I am glad to see her as a Punjabi actress who can actually speak Punjabi well. This new face in the industry is appearing back-to-back in various films. But at the same time, I really hope that the audience doesn’t get overdose of her like most of the other A-list actors.

Lyricist turned actor Raj Kakra has earlier been a part of several extremist films. Sadly, these films couldn’t get a release in India. In this film, he is seen essaying the role of an army coach. So, it’s great to see him in a film like this.

One another important mention I want to make is that of singer turned actor Sukhbir Gill who was supposed to make his acting debut through Shyam Bengeal’s ‘Kartar S. Sarabha’ but that film couldn’t see the light of the day. But now we’ll finally get to see his acting skills in this one.

Btw, just an observation, Sukhdeep Gill and Sukhdeep Sukh look like real life brothers. I mean they can definitely be considered for playing brothers on screen….Just in case!

Talking about the overall feel of the trailer, I really liked the trailer with a beautiful change. It comes across as a fresh breath in the Punjabi cinema. The background score and direction look nice as of now, but not sure about the film.

The only disappointing factor was exactly the last seen where the protagonist breaks the chair, which appeared to be really fake jivein oh kursi tuttan nu tyaar hi rakhi si.

So, overall, it’s a thumbs up to the trailer, but to make any judgement, I’ll still wait for the film. I hope the audience likes it too, because for newcomers like these it’s very difficult to find a place for themselves in the industry, but that can only happen if they get enough support from the cinema goers.

Nevertheless, this was my review! You guys watch it for yourself and feel free to share your views with us in the comments section.

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