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Gurdas Maan Slams Critics Who Term #Punjab As Sexist & Misogynistic!

By: Prakriti | February 18, 2017

The hard hitting seven minutes song Punjab by Gurdas Maan just moved us like never before. The whole concept of this song was so unique and intriguing that we couldn’t stop sharing it.

From the music maestro AR Rahman to people all around the globe, everyone praised the man for his masterpiece.

But on the flip side, many critics shammed the song for a lot many reasons. The critics of leading portals and publishing houses called the song sexist and misogynistic!

But what made them say so??

The part where Gurdas Maan sings

Kithe fire bhuli vadiye Punjabane
Tainu aaj jyundi ni jawak sambhne
Dhunwe naa shatiyan da dudh saadta
Jamne ton pehlan adha putt maarta
Jamde nu rogan ne leya ae gher ji

The critics ask the question that is it only a mother’s duty to nurture the child and why just showing a mother smoking why not a father doing the same deeds? (Valid question)

To this the legendary Punjabi singer reverted, while talking to an online portal, "A number of scientific studies have proven their deadly effects on the baby's health. Pointing this out is not patriarchal or anti-women."

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We completely agree with him as well. He has shown that dark side of society which is killing us all.

The other things which critics objected to are his earlier songs like Apna Punjab Hove Ghar Di Sharab Hove and the critics say that he has been promoting alcoholism himself.

"This criticism is not fair," Maan said.

"There is a huge difference between those days and the Punjab of today. I used 'ghar ki sharab' for showing Punjabis' large-hearted hospitality. I don't even condemn drinking if done in a limit, but it's become a menace. A big menace," he said.

Well, it's pretty surprising that he's seen justifying himself but showing this side of Punjab in a music video was undoubtedly a bold step. Many have closed their eyes and others don’t want to talk about the ugly side but he spoke up.

He showed many hard hitting truths which we just couldn't digest. Personally that one scene where the farmer is throwing pesticides in his field and it lands into our plates!

Hats off to Gurickk for showing what actually is happening. Someone had to speak up and if it comes from the mouth of this experienced artist, we would call it an impeccable attempt.

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With great attempts come critics but what matters is that the song has topped the YouTube trending list consistently and has now gathered more than one crore YouTube views.

This clearly shows the impact it has created on so many hearts that are already feeling the much needed change in themselves.

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