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"Money Also Launches Those Who Don’t Know How To Sing" - Alfaaz

By: Sabia | February 18, 2017

He is no more ‘The Boy Next Door’ because for Alfaaz, as his name spells out, his life is now a singing journey.

Well,  how did his journey begin is quite a dramatic saga, “I wrote my first song when I was in eleventh standard and I was a non-medical student. I failed in my class and I wanted to be a singer so I ran away from home, slept at a gurudwara. Maybe that bold step helped me and my parents realize that I’m meant to sing,” narrates Alfaaz.

(Honey Singh's Brown Rang Wasn't Supposedly His Own!)

Around that time this young guy also met with a bike accident. During his college days he even opened his event management company. “I used to participate in youth festivals and also in bhangra. I used to follow folk singing a lot. In 2007 I met Satinder Sartaj, got floored by his adaaygi and began following his shows. I even tried to copy his style of singing,”says Alfaaz.

In 2009, Alfaaz met Honey Singh on the sets of ‘Punjaban’, where Alfaaz was working as an assistant director. “I showed Honey Singh my compositions but destiny was not with me as he did not like them. Again met Honey Singh at his Delhi office where he guided me that I should not ape someone rather have my own singing style,” quips Alfaaz.

(Finally Alfaaz Opens Up About The Honey Singh- Badshah Catfight!)

Lesser known facts about this popular Punjabi singer are that he is a former fashion designing student form iNIFD and has also done MBA in real estate management.

Any professional training in singing?

“Not much but I guess practice makes a man perfect so I rehearse a lot. I have written stories and ‘shaayri’ too. So singing and writing go hand-in-hand,”says Alfaaz.

So for a singer to be launched do you think  paise da bol baala hai?

“Definitely yes! Money is very important but money also launches those who don’t know how to sing at all. So the most important thing is to recognize one’s own USP so that the audience is addicted to your voice and rest follows,” suggests Alfaaz.

His latest outing ‘Sexo’ also had its own story because with a limited budget we feel that the video came out as steaming hot and visually appealing. Alfaaz’s upcoming single is ‘Guys Talk’ which is a sweet conversation between a married guy and his bachelor friend.

How did acting come along?

“Trust me it was only for money as I did not even know the A for acting and I wish I would have taken some training for ‘Jatt Airways’ and ‘Ishq Brandy’.  And now I know acting is not my cup of tea,” laughs Alfaaz.

As from his past impression of being an introvert and shy person Alfaaz has grown with years in the industry and his fellow companionship.

“Time teaches you all and my friends and family have played a great role in shaping what I’m today,”  he said.

Social media, a boon or a bane?

“The Social network is definitely a platform for the upcoming talent where one can upload a video on YouTube or Facebook and get likes but the most annoying thing are the fake profiles. I’m not that active on social media but one can see my fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram. I have complained a lot many times to Facebook itself and it is a tedious task but despite that I can see so many of them,” he said in a concerned way.

This guy deserves an award for his honesty as he does not manipulate any of his answers!

Born on January 1, 1988, Alfaaz is a Capricorn and his birthplace is Chandigarh.

“My schooling is from GNPS, sector 36, Chandigarh and I went to Khalsa college for my +1 and +2 and then did my graduation in fashion designing from iNIFD, Chandigarh. I did not give any importance to studies,” he smirks.

What are his hobbies?

“I love watching movies and that too comedy,” answers Alfaaz.

The singer pens down and also composes. The famous ‘High Heels’ and ‘Party Getting Hot’ are also written by him.

How much importance should be given to physical appearance for videos?

“Nowadays a singer features in his own videos so definitely his appearance matters a lot. Personally, I also go on diets and workout for my videos. So the videos aren't only a lip sync but a combination of visual appeal and good music."

(OMG! Is That Honey Singh?? Shocking Transformation!!)

You and Honey Singh share an amazing rapport so how did you cope up on learning about his health issues?

“I was shaken because he is my pillar of strength but now that he is recovering I am very happy,” He opened up.

Pher desi ghee da tadka ya maa da pyaar hai sehat da raaz?

“I love eating especially ‘paranthas’ and ‘rajma chawal’ and by God’s grace I have a typical Punjabi mother who feeds me till I’m more than full,” he laughs.

Alfaaz has a social cause in mind for which he wants to open up an NGO but the dream is still under process.

How do live performances play their part in the journey of a singer?

“Live performances are inherent for a singer. The audience wants to hear you, tap to your tunes and I must admit that being on the stage gives me adrenaline rush. One forgets all the tiredness of travelling back and forth for shows when you see a crowd waiting to hear you,” he answers all spruced up.

What does he suggest the youth?

“As I say I’m my own critic so one should just follow his own instinct because life is too short to regret,” says Alfaaz.

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