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Jindua Trailer Is Out And This Love Triangle Just Gave Us Goose Bumps!

By: Prakriti | February 1, 2017

The trailer of Jindua is out and we are awe-struck by it!

(Manje Bistre Official Teaser Out Now..Check It Out!)

Have you seen it yet??

Here's why you should watch this trailer asap:

  1. We've been tired of seeing the same kind of rural based stories on-screen and this one is quite picturesque.

  2. It shows the love triangle of three characters Saggi, Karma and Eesh, played by the best of actors from the Punjabi industry.

  3. This love triangle isn't a two men an a woman wala but a two bibiyan and a man wala and the man is none other than the dashing actor Jimmy Sheirgill.

  4. There is a dog playing an important character in the movie, and this has happened for the very first time in a Punjabi movie.

  5. The movie is shot in Canada and the location looks exotic.

  6. The Shareek trio has pulled up their socks yet again to deliver the best performances based on a emotionally haunting storyline.

  7. There's a scene where Neeru is seen bursting into tears. It moved me!

  8. We are quite inquisitive to see Neeru and Jimmy's chemistry on-screen after Aa Gaye Munde UK De.

  9. There's another awww-wala scene in the movie where Saggi is seen proposing to Karma, which is pretty rare in the Punjabi culture but kudos to the writer for trying something new.

  10. The storyline seems gripping and the music sounds unique. From the direction point of view, there's a gutt feeling that I have about it being experimental and engaging.

The only flaw that we saw in the trailer was the over done make up. The actresses have very visible contouring done on their faces which is so noticeable that one can easily make out that the darker shades haven't been blended by an expert.

Neeru looks as young as ever, even after giving birth to a baby girl. She has a crucial 2017 with a good line of movies, one being her debut directorial.

Jimmy has always been a charmer and his screen presence makes many hearts skip a bit. Leave aside Bollywood, this actor still has all the characteristics of making girls fall in love with him all over again! (Hae he's so handsome yaa)

(Neeru's Jindua Make Up By Mira Pucchi Is Every Girl's Dream!)

But there's a cliched scene where we see a drunk jimmy talking his heart out to the dog. Aaagh repetitive haina!

Anyways, each character seems to be aptly cast and with the talent that these actors already possess, I am sure that Jindua won't disappoint us.

Releasing on 17th March 2017, we wish this team all the best.

Now it's time you the trailer and agree with all that we've written above :-)

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