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Lata Mangeshkar Left Behind Not Just A Legacy In Music, But A Whole Lot More!

By: Jasmine Singh | February 10, 2022

The ‘Nightingale of India’, Lata Mangeshkar left a legacy after she breathed her last on February 6, 2022. She left the country with a plethora of songs and albums to remember her by. However, music was not the only thing that she liked in abundance. During her time on Earth, the singer had accumulated a wide range of expensive stuff varying from property to cars and cameras!

This list of things includes a luxurious house in the posh area of South Mumbai. After her passing away, celebs, as well as politicians, visited her house to pay their respects. Not to forget, all her fans assembled outside her house while her body was being taken. This house has a rectangular balcony with a view of Pedder Road. Also Read: Blog: Did You Know These Famous Personalities Are From Ludhiana!

Not just a beautiful home, she was also fond of cars and her first car was a Chevrolet which she bought after her career in singing started to take off well. Many years later, filmmaker Yash Chopra gifted Lata Mangeshkar an E-class Mercedes as a token of gratitude for her contribution to his film ‘Veer Zaara (2004)’. Did you know that in the film, she had voiced all songs!

Still, the list doesn’t end here; the legend even had an interest in photography and left behind several expensive, professional cameras which she had bought over the years. Also Read: Lata Mangeshkar's Punjabi Playback Journey That No One Really Talks About

The iconic singer, who we lost recently, will always be remembered thanks to her extensive collection of work. Her death was mourned by everyone from high-ranking politicians to the common people.

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