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Do You Know How Much Badshah Charges For His Songs?

By: Jasmine Singh | January 27, 2022

Today when we mention Badshah everyone recognizes him as the cheeky, hip-hop singer who changed the face of music in India. But his road to this success was not an easy one. Even choosing to shift his career was a big deal and going into hip hop music, which wasn’t considered a stable career at the time was an even bigger leap of faith.

However, all said and done, be it his hardwork and talent or just simple luck, Badshah’s career in music took a jump start and since then he hasn’t looked back. The rapper has given us many memorable hits like ‘DJ Waley babu’, ‘Mercy’, ‘She Move It Like’, ‘Genda Phool’, ‘Paani Paani’ and the most recent ‘Jugnu’ to name a few. Also Read: 6 Famous Punjabi Songs Based On Women Clothing

Now, once someone is successful, we are always curious about their lifestyle and looking at Badshah’s lifestyle, we can be sure that his earnings are high. Did you know that he earns around 20 lakh rupees per song!

Not only this, to share a snippet from his life, Badshah opened up about how he convinced his parents to change career paths. In an interview, he said that, “When I first told my parents I want to be a rapper, they asked me, ‘Yeh rap hota kya hai’. And to make them understand I showed them a music video featuring rapper 50 Cent. That didn’t put things in my favour, because it was an obscene video,” he recalls, adding, “After that, they told me ‘Bete pehle bade ho jao, phir jo karna ho woh kar lena’. It was difficult to convince my parents that I want to be a rapper. The only Indian reference to rapping was Baba Sehgal, which was again very unconvincing.” Also Read: 10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Great Khali!

Looking at his success, we are pretty sure that his parents are uber proud of his work and convinced that his decision to change careers was the right one! What are your thoughts on this?

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