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Lesser-Known Canadian–Punjabi Artists You Will Listen To On Repeat!

By: Jasmine Singh | December 1, 2021

Punjabi music has one of the largest fan bases in the world and names of singers like Amrinder Gill, Karan Aujla, Parmish Verma and Sidhu Moosewala are famous worldwide, especially among the Indians living in countries like Canada, UK, Australia. But what about the undiscovered talents who are living in Canada but work on Punjabi music or promote Punjabi culture. Here are a few such names of Canadian-Indian artists with a career in music, especially Punjabi beats! Also Read: Kaur B Brings Home A Brand New Land Cruiser!

En Karma

How many times have we thought of starting a band with our friends? Well, ‘En Karma’ is exactly that! A group of friends who came together with one thought, creating music that people would love to dance on. En Karma is not only the most prominent Punjabi band in North America but also one of the top bands of the Bhangra movement. 

Their music is a fusion of ‘dhols’ and ‘tumbis’ with guitars and drums, which as the group defines is the perfect mix of their diverse roots which are from UK, Canada and India. As a live band - they bring to the stage their own arrangements infused with more contemporary influences to create a unique Bhangra sound that is all their own. Also Read: Sad News: Veteran Punjabi Music Director Surinder Bachan Passes Away

The members are Nick Chowlia on keys, Pip Dhaliwal on drums, Ricky Thinda on bass guitar, Karm on dhol and Inder Kooner, the vocal horsepower. En Karma has also worked with many big names in Punjabi music, including K.S. Makhan and H Dhami.


Amrit Singh, better known as the rapper Noyz is an author, rapper, spoken word artist, and community organizer from Brampton, Canada. He is considered one of Canada’s lyrically blessed and has represented the community in various festivals and audio portals.

Born to immigrant parents, his writing explores themes of self-discovery and growth, and his lyrics equally represent the fun and energy of hip-hop park jams, as well as the socio-political commentary the genre was born out of. His style is a New York-derived meld of jazzy beats and technical rapping, which is unique among modern-day Toronto area artists. Also Read: Fans Nominate Shehnaaz Gill For ‘Best Actress In Film’ Award!

Noyz is also really active in the community and conducts mental health workshops in addition to promoting his own Punjabi culture and sharing his story as an immigrant.

The PropheC

Now, everyone knows the PropheC owing to his song ‘Kina Chir’ which has become viral on social media platforms! But in actuality, the singer has been struggling for a long time. 

Neal Chatha aka The PropheC has been singing since the age of 5, and he was even classically trained later. By the age of 16, he began producing his own beats and original songs in his basement. After writing his first official song, "Sohni", he decided he could turn his passion into a career. 

Known for mixing his melodious vocals over everything from trap to EDM beats, PropheC has taken Punjabi music to entirely new realms. Since the launch of his career, he has collaborated with artists such as Mickey Singh, Raxtstar, Ziqboi (rapper), Fateh, Jus Reign, Amrit Maan, Sidhu Moose Wala and Ikka. The PropheC has toured in Europe and North America. He has also performed in India. You need to listen to the other songs by him to understand his talent for music! Also Read: Lovestruck Sharry Maan Shares Mushy Posts About His Wife

Delhi 2 Dublin

The now-famous Delhi 2 Dublin aka D2D, was formed for a performance at the Vancouver Celtic Festival, called ‘Delhi to Dublin’ (which the group took as their name) on 16 March 2006. The collaborators of the group were Tarun Nayar (of Beats Without Borders cred), Sanjay Seran (at the time hailing from live bhangra act Signia), violinist Kytami, the late fiddle player Oliver Schroer and Adrian Blackhurst (also of Beats Without Borders), which was changed to Tarun Nayar (tabla, electronics), Sanjay Seran (vocals), Kytami (violin), and new members Andrew Kim (sitar, guitar) and Ravi Binning (dhol).

The group is known for playing a fusion of Bhangra, electronic, funk, dub, reggae, hip hop, Celtic music and a mashup of other genres. Though the group has made a space for themselves being a part of the industry for so long, if you have missed out on their music, listen to it here! Also Read: A List Of Movies Kaka Kautki Has Been A Part Of!

These are just a few names out of the many talented yet undiscovered artists who have roots from Punjab but have been brought with western ideas, so the mixture of both cultures is what they are and hence their music is too an amalgamation of these two ideals, creating completely different genres and generations of music. 

Do comment below if there are any other underrated Indo-Canadian singers you follow! 


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