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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Starts Her Journey With A Bang. Here’s What She’s Upto!

By: Jasmine Singh | October 5, 2021

The ‘Titliaan’ Punjabi singer Afsana Khan had been in the limelight as a prospective Bigg Boss 15 contestant even before the show began! Here’s a look at what happened in the BB house as soon as the journey started.

The Color’s show Bigg Boss’s 15th season began this weekend, on October 2 and it will not be incorrect if we say that Khan made an impression as soon as she set foot on the sets. Also Read: The Original 'Posti' Was Released In 1951 - Have You Watched It?

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Upon her entry, she made a statement about how she prioritized the reality show and even postponed her wedding with her fiancé, singer-actor Saajz. She questioned the host, Salman Khan saying “Aap kaise reh lete ho pyaar aur shaadi ke bina...Mein toh bimaar ho gayi thhi fiance ke bina (How do you live without love or marriage? I fell sick without my fiance)”. To this, Salman joked that her fiance would now be happy that she is inside the BB 15 house, but Afsana told him that won’t be the case as they both can’t live without each other. Also Read: New Punjabi Project ‘Brown Munde’ Announced!

Now you can imagine if she could say this to Salman Khan, what all can she say to the contestants! And she did not disappoint, once the challenges began the drama turned up. 

Two of the housemates, Afsana Khan and Vidhi Pandya got into a war with words when the Boss asked the housemates to submit their belongings, except essentials. Afsana lost her cool when Vidhi urged others to follow the order and give their bags.

Afsana did not take Vidhi’s orders well and said, "Tu hoti kaun hai mujhe bolne waali? (Who are you to say all this to me?)”.
Vidhi didn’t take kindly to Afsana’s words and slammed her for behavior. Another contestant, Vishal Kotian also came out for Vidhi’s support after Afsana threatened to hit her. Also Read: Perception: Film Farmer Studios Announces Its Next Project!

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Earlier, Khan had left her fans confused when she had decided to not enter the house because of panic attacks but changed her decision at the last minute. Also Read: Indian Hockey Team Captain Manpreet Singh And Wife Are Expecting Their First Child!

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