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Coke Studio Ad Pays Tribute To Noor Jahan But Forgets Her Credits!

By: Maddy | August 22, 2016

Coke Studio Season 9, which had kicked off from 13th August has been enthralling it's viewers very much like it's traditional journey over a period of 8 years. Some power packed performances and a whole lot of talent for many to get inspired from but wait a minute..did this brand forget to give a credit mention to one of the most amazing artists ever??

Well..that has happened and it's simply not expected from such a brand.

The promo of Coke Studio season 9 had the Jugni fame Meesha Shafi along with the Pakistani singer Umair Jaswal and in this latest revamped version of the song, this duo was seen singing together. It was posted as 'a A tribute to 'Malika-e-Tarannum - Noor Jehan'. Titled as 'Zalima Coca-Cola Pila Day' , this song actually dates back to 1986.

The catchy Punjabi song has created quite a buzz on social media but it had initially appeared in the Punjabi movie “Chan Te Soorma” back in 1986 sung by Madam Noor Jehan herself.

The movie came out at the peak of the Zia Regime where there was a strict prohibition on alcohol. The word could not be said on screen and showing alcoholic beverages in bottles was out of the question. Coca Cola in this song was suggestive of alcohol. The song is picturised as a dance number where a dancing girl is surrounded by men sipping on bottles of coca cola.

Check it out:


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