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4Ps The Actual Mantra For Guru Randhawa's Successful Songs??

By: Hamraj | August 21, 2016

The Punjabi singer who literally changed the route of life according to himself with his debut single Khat boasts openly that he knows the right tactics to promote a song, which not many from the industry know of.

An MBA degree holder, Guru Randhawa says his MBA degree sets him apart from his counterparts in the industry when it comes to promotions. He completed his Masters from Delhi and his attainment of this degree was not to impress his folks or under any peer pressure; it was basically to get a better understanding of the industry that he wanted to step into, that is, the business of music.

“I never wanted to impress anyone nor had to complete my education just so that my parents could allow me to pursue music,” the Patola hitmaker says.

The singer who's yaar mod do created a place of it's own in the industry, believes that degree in business administration gave him a lot of confidence as a singer.

“ I wanted to understand the business side of entertainment and that’s why I decided to complete my MBA while I was in Delhi. I knew I was a good singer. I saw this opportunity and did it. Now I have something that the others in the industry don’t know, they actually hire someone to tell them about it,” he says.

“ I know the 4Ps (Planning, Priority, Perspective and Patience) and I believe that this knowledge sets me apart from others as I know exactly how to promote a song, where to promote it. And basically how much money should be spent in doing all that,” he adds.

Well..this mushy singer with his adorable smile has already won many hearts and we are sure that he will go a long way with his business sense and off course with the kind of music he is making!

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