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Know More About The Journey Of ‘Goli’ From ‘Range’—All About Arundeep!

By: Harleen Kaur | September 4, 2021

After the release of Director Taj’s ‘Range’ series on the new Punjabi OTT platform Chaupal, the Punjabi audience has been super excited. So today we bring you an exclusive peek into the fresh talent introduced in the series—Arundeep aka Goli!

Arundeep’s acting journey began as soon as he was born and I am not joking! In an exclusive interview with the team of GhaintPunjab, he said, “My mom always wanted her younger son to be an artist since my elder brother was already good in studies”.

He also told us that at first, he wasn’t interested and instead wanted to be a Pilot! But then he had to choose the Arts courses for his higher studies since he couldn’t get great marks in Grade 10. Even then he did not give up, he chose aeronautics in college. However, a person goes where destiny takes him and so he started acting and performing theatre. Also Read: Range- OTT Series Review

Arun’s journey started from Youth festivals and Bhand, which is a Punjabi folk theatre art form (includes acting, stand-up comedy and theatrics). Fresh out of college, he had no connections to work. Then he did his Master's Degree in Theatre and Television from Punjab University, Patiala.

However, success does not come easy, after completing his master’s degree he worked whatever small jobs he could do to survive— be it as a Zomato delivery boy or a worker in a small store, Arun survived it all.  

It was only after a while that he realized his talent for anchoring and in 2017 he started working as an anchor for the PU Mirror. Then from his connections at PU, he got a small role in Vadda Greal’s 2017 song ‘Amli Union’.

In terms of TV shows, his first role was in Zee Punjabi’s 2020 serial ‘Vilayti Bhabhi’ in which he played the role of ‘Dollar’. ‘Dollar’ was a comic character, the sidekick of ‘Cherry’, who tries to rob people’s land in a village by saying that he will bring them profits. ‘Dollar’ was the PA who got him all the news, updates and gossip, and does all his dirty work.

In 2018, he first came across GhaintPunjab where he was doing a show ‘Ki Main Jhooth Bolya’ with them. Then after the show, he left Chandigarh and moved to Patiala. Later, when he came back, everything was working well and then he got the chance to do the show, ‘Geri Song of the week’ so he took it, and as the actor says, “Even though I didn’t need it, at that time the shooting for ‘Range’ was also going on (March) but I felt that I shouldn’t let go of this opportunity. So I started this” and that’s how our favorite Mr. KaMaal came into being! Also Read: Headline: New Web-Series Announced, Aman Sutdhar To Lead!

As far as ‘Range’ is concerned, he plays the character of ‘Goli’ which like his previous role ‘Dollar’ is another comic character. Goli is a partner of Jassa when he entered the world of crime along with a few others. And he was also a reporter for Jassa— telling him all that happened and doing his work. Overall, it is a character who acts as a friend for everyone.

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The actor has done two productions with the director Taj, the web series ‘Range’ and a web film ‘Dustbin’ which will also release on Chaupal. He said that he was introduced to Taj through the co-writer of the series, Mani Manjinder Singh. He added, “I did another film with him during which sir told me to give a certain expression, after I showed him the expression, I don’t know what he liked but he called me for a role in the upcoming film ‘302’, in ‘Range’ and even in ‘Dustbin’ he was the one who cast me”.

He has worked in movies like ‘Dustbin’, ‘Jublee’, ‘302’, ‘Duvidha’, ‘Kanshi’; TV shows and web series like ‘Range’, ‘Crime Patrol’, ‘Vilayti Bhabhi’ and ‘Saragarhi’. He has even performed on Neeru Bajwa’s reality show ‘Jazbaa’! Also Read: Aman Dhaliwal Introduces His New Project!

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When asked about the future he said, “There are a lot of IAS or IPS being made in the country, but there are not many good actors being made. I want to be a good actor, someone who is respected and known”. Arun’s focus while getting roles is not the number of scenes he gets but instead the value he adds to the production. Let’s hope we see more of this rising star!

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