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#ViralVideo: Two English Men Doing Bhangra Is The Best Thing That You Will Watch On The Internet Today!

By: Krishma | June 22, 2021

Amidst these pandemic times, there are very few things on Internt that serves as a stress buster. Undoubtedly, in order to lift one’s spirits we hang ot with our friends, dance with them. And for a Punjabi, a good Bhangra session with friends is the only pill that can heal every pain.

Well, this is exactly what must be on the mind of fans who were attending the India vs New Zealand WTC final.

Actually, recently, in a video shared by cricket analyst and consultant, Freddie Wilde whre his flatmates can be seen doing bhangra with Indian fans. As is apparent from the hilarious video the duo can be seen having a lot of fun.


Meanwhile the match itself seems to be moving towards a draw, these videos are the best way to pass time and have a few moments of joy. Well, you surely gotta check out the hilarious responses to the video! Also Read : The Great Khali Turns Off Comments On Insta After Netizens Go ROFLing All Over The Internet

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