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Here’s Singer And Lyricist Shree Brar’s Take On Artists Having Songs On Platforms Like ‘Jio Saavn’!

By: Krishma | May 26, 2021

It’s been six months ever since the start of farmer’s protest. With so many twists and turns, having reached international boundaries too, but unfortunately without any solution in hand as of now. Infact, Central government also seems to be ignorant and adamant on the rules that have been passed.

There is no denial that our artists from the Punjabi industry have equally stood with the farmers to fight against the decision of the government from day one. However, there is one thing which has been creating quite a buzz was the appearance of several punjabi artists on channels calling farmers ‘khaalistanis’, ‘anti - nationals’ and what not. Not only this, a question against the availability of songs on platforms supporting these media houses like ‘Jio saavn’ was also raised.

Now, defending the artists using these platforms for their songs, lyricist and singer Shree Brar has rather appealed the general public to stop listening the songs from such platforms. Sharing a post on his Instagram story he wrote, “so asi kalakar nu buran hi keh sakde, asi sunna band kriye sawan to aape hat jaan sab”(so, we cannot consider artist to be bad, if we will stop listening from saavn, everything will be removed from there), read one of the lines from his story. Let's have a look!

Needless to say, Shree has been an active supporter of the ongoing farmers protest who was seen several times at the protest site. Not only this, he was even prisoned for allegedly  glorifying lawlessness, defamation and criminal conspiracy, among other charges, for his song 'Jaan' which was allegedly “detrimental to peace and order’. Also Read : A Write Up About Farmers Protest You Must Read

During his arrest he had written several songs like ‘Kisaan Anthem’ and several others which gained a huge appreciation from the audience.




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