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How Difficult It Was For Jaswinder Bhalla To Appear On Doordarshan And How Did Om Dutt Sharma Played A Part In It!

By: Krishma | April 13, 2021

Jaswinder Bhalla does not require any introduction. A big name in the Punjabi cinema, Mr Bhalla’s talent is considered to do wonders and earn more recognition than the leading stars. Although everyone saw Jaswinder Bhalla gaining popularity in movies, not everyone would have known the amount of effort he'd put in to stand where he is today.

Doordarshan, a broadcaster that appeared frozen in time, was once the sole source of entertainment in people's lives. However, it wasn't easy for artists to book their spot on the platform to show off their talents. Jaswinder Bhalla was one of the few who managed to reach the hearts of the people through Doordarshan. However, he did face some tough time appearing on the platform.

Whilst also performing at the Punjab Agriculture University, Jaswinder Bhalla wanted to showcase his talent to Doordarshan, but he couldn't find any way to do so. He remembered that in order to reach the Doordarshan offices, one had to spend Rs. 11 on travel. However, he didn't have that much, and he had to save Rs 1 or 2 every week to get to its office. Also Read: Did Jaswinder Bhalla Feel Bad After Declining The Role With Aamir Khan? Yes Or No? Read To Find Out!

Adding to his statements, he said, "I and Balmukund Sharma used to show our performances to the various producers, but we couldn't make any breakthroughs. Then we took part in the Kissan Mela, which was held at our university. For the occasion, I wrote a special act called Modern Jago.” This was the moment when Mr. Om Dutt Sharma from Doordarshan, seated among the crowd, acknowledged Bhalla’s performance for the first time. He asked Jaswinder Bhalla's mentor why they haven't appeared on the channel yet. To which their mentor responded, they tried a lot, but their luck didn't work. Also Read: An Unfulfilled Wish Of Punjabi Actor Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder also said that, as promised by Mr. Om Dutt Sharma, they had a chance to be on the special program on Vaisakhi after a one-month wait. Both Balmukund Sharma and Jaswinder Bhalla had 15 minutes of screen time to show off their talent.

This was how Mr. Om Dutt Sharma played an important part in their success.

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