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“You Ban Our Songs, We’ll Keep Making New Ones", Says Harjinder Laddi

By: Krishma | February 23, 2021


Ever since the farmer's protests have started the movement has taken a lot of twists and turns. Not just this, it has witnessed a lot of dramatic events too. From the vandalism that happened at Red Fort on Republic Day and the fixing of nails to obstruct the tractor rally, nothing could jeopardise the momentum. However,efforts are being made to weaken the protest by shutting the voices constantly. The songs of the artists have been banned, who came out in support of farmers. 

In the first week of February, the government asked YouTube to take down two Punjabi songs that clearly spoke against the new farm laws. The songs, 'Ailaan' by Kanwar Grewal and 'Asi Vaddangey' by Himmat Sandhu, are no longer available on the platform.

But this hasn’t stopped the artists from creating the new songs. Kanwar Grewal, who is a well-known Sufi Punjabi singer has brought the new version of 'Ailaan' which starts on the note, “If you can spare time to listen to our songs in order to ban them, you might as well listen to the demands of the farmers instead.” till now, the song has crossed over 1 million views and getting a huge support from people. The original version of the song is no longer available online. It was removed from YouTube after the social media giant received a legal demand from the Centre. The new version of the song shows protesting crowds and louder voices contrary to government's expectations. Also Read: Lakha Sidhana Appears At A Rally Challenges Delhi Police

“Firstly, the song was taken down without giving us any intimation. We had sent a mail to YouTube as we were told that it violates the government’s guidelines,” said Harjinder Laddi, the producer of the song and Grewal’s brother. “After that we mailed them multiple times but got no satisfactory answer. We even asked them to specify which department contacted them and which norm was violated.” While awaiting an answer from the company, they made and released the new version of the song on February 13, which calls out the government for seeking to censor it. “You ban our songs; we’ll keep making new ones. That’s what we do for a living. If they take down this one, we’ll have a third one ready to be released,” he said. Also Read: Central Government To Take Legal Action Against Twitter On Farmers Issues

Interestingly, on one side there are farmers who are fighting against the new laws despite so much sufferings and on the other hand Narendar Tomar, Union Agriculture Minister has said that crowd gatherings will not lead to the revocation of laws which is absolutely sad. Also Read: Who is Mahima Kaul? Why Is Her Resignation From Twitter Being Linked To Farmers Protest?



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