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Blog: Punjabi Celebs Who Are Also Gifted Writers

By: Prakriti | July 5, 2020

Punjabi industry is full of versatile and talented people who have excelled in their respective fields. Some do try their hands at other aspects of movie-making, for instance, singers become actors, actors become directors and producers and so on but it is rare to see a combination where an actor is also gifted with the art of writing. Be it writing stories – poems or lyrics of songs, these artists seem to be blessed with the art of writing.

Here are four Punjabi artistes who have been blessed with the talent of writing:

Satinder Sartaaj: Poet – Philosopher – Actor-Singer, Dr. Satinder Sartaaj is not only famous for his singing but also the profound lyrics that he pens. Many of his songs touch the chords of our hearts. Weaving the emotion of each relation – situation beautifully, his songs 'Putt Saddey', 'Ammi', 'Sift', and many more are the perfect examples of his talent. Some are inspired by life, others are spiritual, his profound lyrics and melodious voice make us a fan of this talented artiste.

Rana Ranbir: Rana Ranbir is an ace actor, a pro theatre artiste and a writer to many books which are of different genres. Few of us know that this talented actor is a poet too. He has written the book “Kinn Minn Tip Tip “ which was published in 2008-2009 and has poems written on different topics as well. The book has now been published with its third edition. He has also written a novel named '20th November' which released in 2014-2015. The recent one is his third book named 'Zindagi Zindabad', which is an inspirational book by the actor. His writing skills became more famous with the release of his directorial debut Asees.

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Alfaaz: The 'Yaar Bathere' singer has a degree in Business Management. He has also done fashion designing but only a few of us know that this talented artiste has an altogether different side to him. In an exclusive interview with Ghaint Punjab, Alfaaz had shared that he is also very passionate about writing. Yes, the man is fond of writing and he loves to write poems. These poems are inspired by his life and what he sees around. We wish that someday we get a sneak peek of his poetry.

Simranjit Singh Hundal: Director Simranjeet Singh Hundal, who gave us movies like 25 Kille – Putt Jattan de – Gun and Goal had published his book Hunarbaaz, which has poems inspired from life. 

Well, these multitalented artistes surely need an ovation from us. Hope they keep us engaged with their deep writing always.

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