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Cheating, Infidelity & Violence: Five Women, Including Wife, Speak Up Against Singer Dilpreet Dhillon

By: Ishrat S Banwait | May 31, 2020

After his wife of two years, Aamber Dhaliwal made allegations of infidelity and physical abuse, at least four more women have shared stories of how Dilpreet Dhillon befriended and cheated on them. According to posts shared on an Instagram account, “thekaurmovement”, Dilpreet Dhillon cheated on his wife before and after his marriage in 2018.

An audio clip of Aamber telephonically speaking to a girl her age has been shared on the Instagram account wherein the young girl admits that the singer has been in a relationship with her mother, who is from Chandigarh. Aamber informed the girl that she has broken-off her marriage for the same reason.

The page also shared a photograph of Aamber taken by her mother, who claimed that it is a screenshot she took when she face-timed Aamber. The mother, as per the Instagram page, has said that the Facetime video call took place after Dhillon himself told the mother that he had hit her daughter to “shape her”.

Aamber has said on her personal Instagram account that a lot of people are asking her why she is not directly talking about the whole episode. To this, she said, “I want to really badly, I’m just waiting for the right time”. On the other hand, the singer via social media appealed to not make a “tamasha”, calling the whole episode a “misunderstanding”.

Young female fans and Snapchat: A pattern emerges from Dhillon’s Modus Operandi

From the stories of these five survivors, a pattern of how Dhillon picks and chooses girls can be deciphered. Most of these girls are around the age of 20, are NRIs, and were fans of the singer when the first contact took place. The stories point to sharing Snapchat stories with the singer like most fans do and Dhillon responding to them, thus, initiating conversation.

Most of these girls have described how they would catch Dhillon cheating on them and try to break-up with him. However, the singer would apologize and insist on being given another chance, often placing the blame on the girls with whom he was caught.

One girl has alleged that Dhillon was meeting her and her parents discussing marriage plans even after being engaged to Aamber. This is when she decided to call-off her relationship with Dhillon. The girl claims that Dhillon had gotten a UK based woman pregnant with twins. In addition, she also alleged physical abuse by the singer.

Yet another girl alleged that Dhillon made her spend a lot of money on him which he never returned. She claims that she caught her making wedding plans with Aamber at the same time he was discussing the future with her.

Entertainers and accountability: Using love by the public against them

A debate has raged for the last few decades whether the public should demand entertainers to be responsible or not. While one section has stood for responsible behavior on and off-screen by reel-life stars, another section has said that the art must not be taken seriously, as it is only meant to entertain.

The hardcore fans have thus, always defended their favorite celebrities. However, here is a classic case of a man using his celebrity status to his personal advantage. Most girls have clearly stated in their stories, that they were fans of the singer, whose first hit song’s opening lines were, “Ohh jatt di ae yaari choliya da vadd ni, mai jado piche hateya beshak chhad di”.

Dhillon thus established contact with these young girls by sending pictures and videos of his shoots, ensuring that they remained awestruck and felt special to be a part of his glamorous life. His lifestyle ensured that he traveled within India, especially Punjab and also to countries like Canada and the USA constantly, thus making it easier to have more than one relationship at a time.

For the same reason, he was able to divert the attention of his partners every time he got caught by shifting the blame on the girls and convincing them that he was a one-woman man. More than one girl has shared that they gave Dhillon multiple chances even after they caught him cheating on them.

However, they put a complete end to the relationship when Aamber would not only call them and tell her that she was his fiancé/wife but would also send them photographs to prove the same. However, after two years of marriage, when Aamber allegedly faced verbal and physical abuse and yet again, found Dhillon to be cheating on her, she decided to “break-off” her marriage, in her own words.

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While it remains to be seen whether the couple reconciles or not, this episode should serve as food-for-thought for Punjabis who place entertainers on high pedestals even if they encourage gun culture, misogyny, violence, drugs, eve-teasing, and so on.

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