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"Never Used My Father's Contacts To Be Anywhere" - Jashan Singh

By: Prakriti | April 14, 2020

Punjabi singer-actor Jashan Singh made a promising entry in the industry with his coke studio song Allah Ve. Later the man was seen in a Punjabi movie Dushman which marked his Pollywood acting debut but thereafter, we couldn't really see him on the big screen ever again.

What happened? Where did he go? We wondered and reached out to the artist for answers. 

Talking to Ghaintpunjab, Jashan Singh exclusively shared that he has had his hands full with songs and other projects which is what keeps him busy.

But why no movie after Dushman?

He shared that the reason why he didn’t sign any other movie is that none of the movies that were being offered to him were different or convincing enough. A strong believer that a good movie can take him two steps forward and a bad movie can have a negative impact on his singing career too, the man said that he's not ready to compromise. 

He feels that everything has to happen at its own time.

Jashan's father is the well known Punjabi singer Hardeep who is credited for being the first-ever Punjabi singer to have had shot an outdoor video for his song (non-film). The man surely has a lot of contacts in the industry and is obviously friends with many of those people who matter in the industry and could have offered his son work but why did Jashan not climb the ladder through his father's contacts?

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"I have never used my father's contacts for anything or to be anywhere. I strongly believe that my struggle is very personal and this struggle will make me a better artist", said Jashan.

Amid the lockdown, the singer has been utilizing his time productively and is also working on his father's projects, besides doing his riyaaz.

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