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When Jazzy B Came Face To Face With Death - Shocking Scoop!

By: Prakriti | April 1, 2020

Being an actor can be tough and sometimes dangerous too. We often hear about on-location accidents, out of which some are really unfortunate. A similar incident happened with our very own Bhangra King Jazzy B a few years ago. It was during the shoot of his movie Romeo Ranjha when he saw death right in front of him

Want to know what exactly happened? Read on.

Back in the year 2014, while Jazzy was shooting on Pattaya Beach in Bangkok, a major accident took place. It all happened when he was rehearsing for an action sequence in the movie. Both Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu were trying a stunt when this accident took place. While the duo was on a jet ski, it suddenly tilted. It was this moment when Jazzy B felt too close to death.

Right then, the safety team reached to rescue them and acted quickly. Two men swam across the beach to save both Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu. Garry escaped with minor cuts but it took as much as 30 minutes to bring Jazzy B back to consciousness who was immediately rushed to the hospital. For a long time, the producers didn’t speak about this incident as Jazzy didn’t want this news to be out as it would leave his family worried.

But later, talking to media, he explained the harrowing incident saying, "I literally left my body. I could feel everyone trying to resuscitate me. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, and surprisingly, I wasn’t thinking about winning awards or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want to leave my family so soon. I was floating up there thinking, No, I don't want to die.

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And that was when I pleaded to God. I could almost feel a white light, probably death, probably God - pulling me from above. Honestly, for about a few seconds, I felt and believed that I died."

Isn't that scary!

Directed by Navaniat Singh, the movie Romeo Ranjha though didn’t do quite well at the box office but had great action for the audience. The stunts in the movie were directed by Bollywood's Allan Amin who has worked for movies like Dhoom, Qayamat and more.

Well, this incident proved how safety teams are an imperative part of the crew. We must learn that there should be safety teams every time an action sequence is shot. Their quick response saved Jazzy or things could have gone the other way! 

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