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Director Sartaj Singh Pannu Made His Bollywood Acting Debut In 2010!

By: Prakriti | March 31, 2020

Punjabi celebrities and artists have varied backgrounds. Some have even driven a taxi before entering the field, some worked for car wash, some were daily wagers and some into hospitality, there are also some who are highly educated. It is amusing to watch their transformation after entering the industry and gaining success.

But did you know that director Sartaj Singh Pannu, who gave us the spectacular Nanak Shah Fakir, has acted in a Bollywood movie?

Sartaj Singh Pannu, who is now doing a Bollywood movie named Om under Eros entertainment, has already done a Bollywood movie nearly a decade ago. Most of us don’t know about it but Sartaj was the leading man in a Bollywood film.

It was 2010 when Sartaj made his Bollywood acting debut with the movie Soch Lo. Hindi mystery movie, Soch Lo released under the banner of Sun Entertainment and was produced by Karanbir Singh Pannu. The movie was directed by Sartaj himself.

The movie had quite an interesting storyline. It was about a wounded man who was left in the desert to die. He resorts to ways to save himself, he robs solitary car drivers and moves on. In all this, he loses his identity but still gets a flashback of his real self.

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Well, the main character was played by Sartaj Pannu, though the movie didn't get a great response, it seems that Director Sartaj has the hidden talent of acting too. 

We hope that the man gets back in the Punjabi industry soon. His prolific skills of direction were seen in Nanak Shah Fakir and now we want him to make more Punjabi movies.

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