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Simerjit Singh Couldn’t Release His Debut Film For Nearly 23 Months! - Here's Why

By: Harleen Kaur | March 30, 2020

No matter how famous an artist may become but his first movie always remains close to his heart. That's probably because the debut feat carries an incredible essence of struggle, righteousness, and pride, which gradually fades away with time.

And the debut event gets even bigger if the person is a director. Since the filmography length of a director is always comparatively smaller than that of an actor or a singer, thus the moment gets even more special. An average director in his lifetime narrates just more than a dozen stories out of which only 3-4 odd stories become his magnum opus.

But just imagine the situation of a guy who has had to face tough times in releasing his debut film after facing all sorts of rejections and disappointments for more than one decade and to make it even worse, his movie gets doomed at the box office when it reaches the theatres that too after 23 months of long waiting time! 

Frustrating, Isn't it?

Well, whatever you read above is the struggle saga of Pollywood's very own Simerjit Singh - a guy who took the train of Mumbai in 1997 with lots of dreams.

He came close to his dream in 2008 when he wrapped the filming of his first movie. But the next 23 months became a thorn in the flesh for him as the release of his debut film went into the realm of uncertainty.

Everyone, right from producer to distributor, had no answer to his questions. Things started getting intense for Simerjit with each passing moment as the taste and trend of cinema are always regarded as highly volatile. The mysterious standoff between his producer and distributor cost him some precious time.

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But finally, Simerjit's efforts paid off in 2010, when his first-ever directorial venture 'Chak Jawana' reached the theatres. Sadly, to his misfortune, the movie fell flat at the box office. Although Simerjit did have some apprehensions about it but the way it underperformed at the box office, was beyond his expectations.

Nevertheless it took just a couple of years for Simerjit to recover from this shock. And thereafter it was all a cakewalk for this director!

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