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Sutlej River Has Another Name But Only A Few Know About It!

By: Harleen Kaur | April 8, 2021

Sutlej - a lifeline of more than 300 million people of India & Pakistan, has been the base of this entire clan’s civilization from centuries. Longest among all five rivers of this plain, Sutlej is the easternmost feeder of the great Indus River.

The existence of this river can be traced right from 1700 BC. But the proof of its existence can be found even before this since earlier Sutlej used to be an essential tributary of Ghaggar-Hakra River, which is believed to be a form of the revered Saraswati River. However, there’s a sharp difference among the geologists regarding its existence. Some say its inception took place from 2500 to 2000 BC, while some say its origin took place between 5000 to 3000 BC. However, some also believe that Sutlej came into existence even before 8000 BC.

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While the current path of Sutlej was formed around 2000 BC when the tectonic activity took place, which in turn redirected its flow from Southeast to Southwest, probably this change of flow might have been the reason behind desertion of the Cholistan, eastern Sindh and Harappan Settlements.

As far as its history is concerned, it is rooted in the Gurkha clan. The upper valley of Sutlej which is now known as Lanqqen Zangbo in Tibet was once famous with the name of Garuda Valley by Zhanqzchunq, the ancient Tibetan Civilization. In that region, the Sutlej is addressed as ‘Shatarudra’ apart from being known with the name of Satadree in some areas.

In the Tibetian region, this Garuda valley once used to be the center of the empire which was scattered many miles into the Himalayas. The remains of this Zhanqzchunq civilization is still present in the Southwest of Mount Kailash.

In ancient times, the Sutlej river was the primary medium of transportation for the regime of that time. It used to play a vital role in the economy of that region as famous Devdar Woods would get transported for places along the Sutlej bank like Bilaspur and Hamirpur.

Well, now you know everything about the mighty river Sutlej!

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