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Awesome! Jimmy Sheirgill Is Back With Shareek 2, This Time With Dev Kharoud!

By: Prakriti | February 21, 2020

Many sequels have been announced for 2020, but honestly, there are only a few that have excited us. But the recent announcement of Shareek 2 has triggered our emotions and we just can't hold our happiness. Navaniat Singh's Shareek, that released in 2015, will now have a sequel that will release on 24th July 2020.

Shareek 2 will bring back our favorite actor Jimmy Sheirgill back on the Punjabi screens and to make this project even more interesting, even Dev Kharoud has been cast in the film. What a combo!

The movie is already on the floor and would release under the banner of Ohri Productions, White Hill Studio, and Thind Entertainment. This one will yet again be directed by Navaniat Singh who had directed the prequel in 2015. Shareek 2 is penned by Inderpal Singh.

The announcement poster of the movie was shared by the team and Dev also posted a picture with the clapboard on his social media pages. The actress finalised for the film is Sharan Kaur. 

Shareek which released in 2015 was a family-based drama that showed the cruel reality of families where people from the same family get into ugly practices only for their greed of land. The movie had fine writing direction and prolific acting which made it a memorable movie of the Punjabi Cinema.

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Let’s see if Shareek 2 is as good as the first part but we're hoping that it is even better. With our hopes high we are quite excited about this one.

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