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Benny Dhaliwal Gunshot Case: Here Are More Startling Facts From His Past!

By: Harleen Kaur | February 17, 2020

The news about Punjabi singer Benny Dhaliwal (originally named Davinder) being shot by unknown assailants left his fans and the Punjabi music industry in shock. Though he has survived the attack, his condition is reported to be serious. 

The man was reportedly shot at thrice inside his own house in Gravesend, Kent. Two bullets hit his leg. The assailants fired from outside the house, before breaking in, said reports.

The ambulance crew and firearms officers were called just after 9 pm to Shorne Ifield Road, on February 9, 2020. Benny was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. 

It is also being said that the singer was allegedly beaten up in front of his family by the men who then warned him before leaving. An attempted murder investigation is underway.

Who is Benny Dhaliwal?

Born in Woolwich and was raised in Belvedere, Kent, Benny Dhaliwal is a Kabaddi player turned Punjabi singer. He captained the England national team at the age of 16. He is the brother of the former Kabaddi player Raju Dinehwala, who also is a singer. Though not professionally trained, Benny calls Harjit Brar his Ustad and Labh Heera his inspiration. He has delivered hits like Va Vai Va, Ghora, Ghora 2, Ghora III, and more. A song from his album Va Vai Va titled Aish was written during his time in prison. He has done a Punjabi film called Jatt Romantic, and a while ago even hinted that he's been signed to act in a big Bollywood movie but nothing more was heard after that. The man has always been popular in his community for his lavish lifestyle, which at a point was funded by crime. 

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Benny Dhaliwal Jailed For Alcohol Fraud

Benny Dhaliwal was sent to 16 months imprisonment for being part of an alcohol tax evasion scam worth £50 million per year. The four-man gang included Benny (then 32), Kevin Burrage, Gary Clarke, and Michael Turner. This scam involved using a chain of Burrage’s bonded warehouses (trading as Promptstock Ltd.) to allow licensed traders to import and export large quantities of alcohol using a method called a ‘duty suspension’ where alcohol can be stored and moved between bonded warehouses without the need to pay excise tax. The gang was arrested in a series of dawn raids by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) officers in November 2008 further to a covert surveillance operation. The documentation created by the for the scam trade was falsified and included ‘ghost’ lorries and duplicate shipments creating an impression of trading that was actually not real. 

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