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Shocking! 29 Year Old Punjabi Actress Killed & Burnt By Husband

By: Harleen Kaur | February 13, 2020

In this glamorous world of entertainment, it is often seen that people go astray, even if they are married and the result is either broken marriages or at times, murder and other unlawful activities. This time, shocking news has surfaced about a 29-year-old television actress named Anita Singh from Punjab. 

Anita was strangled and killed and then, her husband and his friend burnt the body in Nainital, Uttrakhand. The reason for this murder was the husband's suspicion over Anita's extra-marital affair, reports a leading daily. 

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The charred body of the actress was found approximately 30 km from the district headquarters, in the Kaladhunga area of Nainital, confirmed Nainital district police chief Sunil Kumar Meena.

Anita's husband Ravinder Pal Singh and his friend Kuldeep have both been arrested in this case. 

What actually happened

Anita and her husband Ravinder Pal Singh covered a distance of nearly 600 km from their hometown Ferozepur to reach Nanital on January 30. On reaching Nainital, the couple met Ravinder's friend Kuldeep who was plotted as a fellow with contacts who could help get work assignments for Anita in Mumbai. They met at a local eatery and Anita was offered a sedated cup of tea after which she lost her senses. Ravinder and Kuldeep then strangled her with a rope and burnt her body and soon fleed from the spot. The incident has reportedly happened at around 1.30 in the night after which Ravinder went to Delhi and Kuldeep went back to his home located at a short distance from Kaladhungi.

It has been reported that Ravinder had suspected that Anita was having an affair with a Kashmiri man and urged to shift her base to Mumbai to work in movies which is why her husband conspired to murder her. He involved his friend Kuldeep and both planned to take her to Nainital and kill her. Kuldeep was introduced as a friend with opportunities in Mumbai.

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When Anita's charred body was found by the Nanital police, it started scanning the CCTV footage along the route to the spot where Anita's body was found. The car, in which the couple traveled is owned by Ramanjeet Singh who revealed that Ravinder, his brother in law, and his friend Kuldeep had borrowed it from him on January 30. 

After Kuldeep's arrest on Tuesday, the police nabbed Ravinder from Haridwar on Wednesday.

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