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Moosewala & Mankirt Aulakh Record Similar Statements, Sidhu Attracts Another Controversy!

By: Harleen Kaur | January 26, 2020

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and Mankirt Aulakh were summoned by the Ludhiana police after a complaint against them was filed by a Ludhaian based RTI activist named Kuldeep Singh Khaira. While Sidhu appeared before the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP, south) Jashandeep Singh Gill on Friday to record his statement, Mankirt appeared a day later, on Saturday 25th January 2020.

The complaint was filed by Khaira after he came across a video of Sidhu and Mankirt singing a Punjabi song that, according to him, promoted gun culture and violence. The singers, he complained, were propagating weaponry and violence through their songs, which is a violation of the orders by the Punjab & Haryana High Court. He further stated in his complaint that both Moosewala and Mankirt have a huge fan following and such songs can mislead the youth.

After the session with Moosewala, ACP said in a statement that the singer has been told about the ruling of the high court which states that weapons cannot be glorified in songs and has also been handed over a copy of the order. He further informed that Mankirt Aulakh will appear before the police on Saturday. The ACP also stated, "Moose Wala has said that the song in the video hasn’t been created by him officially. He was just singing it casually with Mankirt Aulakh during a get-together. He said that he had no idea that video will get leaked on social media and that he had no intention to spread these lyrics among the masses.”

According to the ACP, Moose Wala said that he wasn’t aware of HC orders and the song in question 'Pakhiyan Pakhiyan...302 Da Parcha' was originally penned by Sabi Bhinder and later was sung by Sidhu during his college days, the video of which got pretty popular but he nas neither recorded it nor released it.

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After the meeting with the ACP, when Moosewala walked out of the office, he was welcomed by a rush of reporters thrusting mics at his face for the sensational exclusives. Out of them some reporters alleged that Sidhu's bouncers had misbehaved with them while some claimed that they've been manhandled. There were also some who said that Sidhu misbehaved with them. While interacting with the press later, the ACP said that if they've been mishandled then a written complaint should be addressed to him and the matter will be investigated.

A later, Mankirt Aulakh appeared before the ACP to record his statement and was heard saying that the song was neither his nor was ung by him. Sources also reveal that the man has recorded almost similar statement as that of Sidhu Moosewala. When asked whether he will sing such songs in future, Mankirt chose to walk away ignoring the question completely. 

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