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Randhawa Brothers Accused Of Abusive Behaviour, Arrested By Mohali Police!

By: Harleen Kaur | January 22, 2020

Prince and Rami Randhawa, together called as the Randhawa Brothers, have called for trouble once again. They are alleged of abusive behaviour by the authorities of their apartment in Sector-89, Mohali. The duo is currently in police custody. After the much hyped controversy with Elly Mangat, Randhawa Brothers were on a spree and seems like they've finally fallen into the hands of Punjab Police.

The recent case involves them playing music at a very high volume and when questioned, Prince abused the security personnel, following which the PCR was called and the brotherly duo was taken into custody.

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Reportedly named Gurdeep Singh, the safety personnel of the society told the police that Rami and Prince were causing disturbance to the society members due to the loud music played by them. Even after requesting them repeatedly, the brothers seemed to pay no heed. The security supervisor of the society Harnek Singh has reportedly stated that Gurdeep Singh was on duty for the security of the society and when he tried to put forward the displeasure of the society members towards them playing loud music, he was subjected to abusive behaviour.

A  complaint has been filed against both the brothers.

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