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Rewind 2019: Punjabi Directors Who Delivered Surprisingly Good Content!

By: Prakriti | December 25, 2019

This year many directors delivered content that came as a surprise to us. These progressive makers not only made content-rich movies but also entertained the audiences with their offerings. While most of these movies couldn't earn big figures at the box office but that doesn't mean the films were not good. These makers have surely impressed us with their movies and we're eager to see what more they'll get for the Punjabi audiences in days to come. 

Here is a list of directors who gave superb content to the Punjabi industry this year.

Manav Shah: Manav Shah has surely polished himself as a director. The young man gave out two movies in 2019. One of them being Sikander 2 and the other being Ardab Mutiyaraan. Both the movies were poles apart in terms of their subject but each of them had an excellent standing of its own.  While Sikander 2 was intense, dark and deep, Ardab turned out to be fun, bold and unique.

Nav Bajwa: Actor-director and producer Nav Bajwa gave us a fun-filled movie towards the end of this year. His film Kitty Party was the story of a con woman which turned out to be a surprise package that made us laugh all through. The casting, storyline, and dialogues were so good that we really didn’t need any big A-lister to glam it up.

Rakesh Mehta: Director Rakesh Mehta made a period movie based on cross border friendship. His Yaara Ve was a fresh attempt in Punjabi cinema. This movie not only had a great storyline but also unexpected twists and funny situations which made it a complete family movie. The movie touched the topic of myths and beliefs and subtly added sarcasm to the practices followed for ages. The film gave a serious push to the career of some of its actors.

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Vipin Prashar: Vipin’s Girdarh Singhi was a fresh attempt. This light-hearted comedy movie was a good one time watch. This one came as a surprise package as we didn’t have any expectations from the film after watching the trailer but the movie wasn’t bad at all. It could have been made it a total slapstick but the director's vision gave it an edge. 

Santosh Subhash Thite and, Deepak Thaper: The duo gave us Munda Hi Chahida this year. The movie with such a beautiful storyline had perfect characterization and performances. This film left us teary-eyed because of the message it delivered and the strength that this content carried. 

Manbhavan Singh: Manbhavan was handed over the film Jaddi Sardar at the last minute and the man had little time to give this film shape. But to our surprise, the ultimate output was applaud worthy. Not only did the film have some amazing acts by actors who were generally looked down upon in terms of performances, but it also left a strong impact on our minds with the message that it carried. 

Well, more power to such makers who brought in such wonderful content for us. 

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