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Do You Know Rajvir Jawanda Is A Double Gold Medalist In Folk Singing!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 15, 2021

In today’s era of Hip-Hop, Pop and Jazz culture, Rajvir Jawanda’s presence is like a breeze of fresh air. The crunch and crux of his voice definitely give a lot of hope to all of us who dream to see Punjabi music on the top. In his 4 years old career, he has successfully cemented his unique place in this highly competitive music industry.

A native of Ludhiana, Rajvir learned his first singing lessons when he was still a toddler. Very often he used to visit Gurudwara with his grandfather and that was where he got the first taste of music by listening to prayers and religious songs. Around 1999, he started taking formal music lessons from a well known Ustad. Thereafter, music became an inseparable part of his life.

A major turning point came when he went to Punjabi University, Patiala. In university, he became a popular figure when he clinched two gold medals in folk singing back-to-back. Apart from this, he proved his mettle in a number of Inter-University competitions by winning them one after the other.

rajvir jawanda college

By the time Rajvir finished his stint at Punjabi University, he had already made up his mind that only music will be his destination. After a brief struggle, his life took yet another turn when he met Jasbirpal Singh. It was Jasbirpal who recognized his talent and made all efforts to bring him to the center stage.

Soon Rajvir got his debut break when he sang for Kunda Dhaliwal ‘s song ‘Muqabla’ which turned out to be a super-duper hit. By this song, Rajvir started getting noticed in the Punjabi music community. Thereafter, offers started pouring into his kitty one after the other as the industry had realized that a new star is born.

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Thus his career took off since then and till now he has sung dozens of songs, out of which majority created a tremendous amount of buzz among the Punjabi music buffs.

Wish you all the best Rajvir, Keep rocking!

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