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Gidarh Singhi Trailer Review: Chaotic And Way Below Our Expectations!

By: Prakriti | November 15, 2019

The trailer of the upcoming Punjabi movie Gidarh Singhi has released on YouTube. The movie which will be releasing on 29th November 2019, is directed by Vipin Parashar and is produced by Abhishek Tyagi. The lead star cast consists of Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Karn Mehta, Saanvi Dhiman, and Ravinder Grewal.

Have a look at the trailer and then read our take on it.

Review: The story which is penned by Vipin and Abhishek together seems to be a chaotic one. It revolves around a budding singer who is also a lover, but soon a gangster, trying to be a singer, impersonates his voice and threatens him to not leak this secret. Amidst all this, there are many other things happening, a love story, family drama and more which isn’t clear from the trailer. The chaotic story seems to be uninteresting and one fails to connect with the genre.

Talking about the performances, in the first half of the trailer we see all those who are there in the movie. Ravinder overpowers the lead actor Jordan, and Rubina, who is the lead actress, is given just one dialogue and a small space in the second half of the trailer. Well, this one is a surely bad edit for the trailer.

Prince Kanwaljit, Vijay Tandon, Gurmeet Saajan try to keep up with the humorous confusing comedy but nothing influences us to go and watch the movie in the theatre.

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Having a wide variety of Punjabi movies being released each week, we surely feel like skipping this one as the trailer is way below our expectations.

Jordan Sandhu..we have high expectations of you please don't make bad movie choices. 

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