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Did You Know: Kulbir Jhinjer Was The One Who Helped Tarsem Jassar Define His Career!

By: Harleen Kaur | October 10, 2019

The turbanned lyricist turned singer-actor Tarsem Jassar began his career with the famous Punjabi singer Kulbir Jhinjer. Tarsem gave Kulbir the lyrics to his first song which made him famous. Kulbir was the only person in his group of friends who became a celebrity, and it made Tarsem dream of being an actor himself.

However, Tarsem gained popularity with his first song Attwadi and later became a sensation with his performance in the movie Rabb Da Radio. His dream of becoming an actor came true, and he accredits Kulbir with his success.

In an exchange, the Gulwakdi singer admitted that Kulbir has helped him a lot in planning his career. He assisted him by suggesting the steps to take in his profession related to albums and new projects. Kulbir is known to have stuck by Tarsem's side during the latter's growing phase.

The Afsar actor often talks about the importance of friends in his life. Tarsem consults his friends before taking up new projects and relies on them for encouragement and feedback. He also once commented that If anyone wants to know me, go to my friends as they know me better than myself.

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Tarsem Jassar and Kulbir Jhinjer collaborated on the song Sarbans Dani in 2016, along with other songs like Attwadi and Big Shot. Tarsem gives a lot of importance to his friends and turns to them whenever he needs support. Very fond of his school and college memories, the Sardar Mohammad actor once revealed the experience of eating 'Kulchas' from a hawker. In fact, whenever Tarsem visits his village, he relives these memories by going for the kulchas again.

After the huge success of Rabb Da Radio in 2016, Tarsem has been bagging projects one after the other and has been entertaining Punjabis worldwide with his LIVE performances.

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