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Here's Makhan Brar's Latest Stand On His Controversial Song ‘Apna Punjab Hove’!

By: Harleen Kaur | September 24, 2019

If ‘Apna Punjab Hove’ is the biggest hit of Makhan Brar’s career, then it is also the most controversial song of his career. The release of this song brought Makhan Brar and Gurdas Maan under great hullabaloo as they were accused of justifying the consumption of liquor through the song.

The ghost of ‘Apna Punjab Hove’ is hounding him even today. Even now his critics are in no mood to forgive him for this two-decade-old song. Although he did make several attempts to clarify his stand on the whole issue, all his efforts have gone fruitless. 

Those of you who know about the exciting story of this song would know pretty well as to how this song took birth during an informal conversation between Makhan Brar and his friend. And subsequently how it reached the Gurdas Maan is already on the records.

However, a few days ago, Makhan Brar made yet another attempt to put a full stop to this long-standing controversy by going all out on the whole issue. In an exclusive chat, Brar said that for Punjab and Punjabis liquor is nothing now. This liquor has been an integral part of a Punjabi’s lifestyle since ages. Thus making an issue out of a single word from the entire song is nothing but a desperate attempt of pulling down creativity.

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Instead of looking at the entire picture, the cynics have just fragmented out two words ‘Sharab Hove,' from the whole song to create a furor. Nevertheless, the expression upon which this entire controversy has been cultivated, in literal terms means ‘I wish, I would get homemade liquor.’ If one wishes to become an emperor it doesn’t mean he would become an emperor.

Thus the song is entirely about the wish, and everyone is free to make wishes without any boundation. So that's what Makhan Brar thinks about the use of 'Ghar Do Sharab Hove' in the song. Do you feel that's an appropriate justification?

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