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Aasra Trailer Review : An Obsolete Film That Fails To Impress!

By: Prakriti | September 17, 2019

Guggu Gill starrer upcoming Punjabi movie Aasra will be releasing on 4th October 2019. The movie is written and directed by Balkar Singh and is produced by Rajkumar. Other than the veteran actor Guggu Gill in the lead, the movie has Rani Chatterjee, Tinu Verma, Shubham Kashyap playing pivotal roles.

Have a look at the trailer and then read our take on it

Review: The movie seems to have been taken out from an old box. Having one of the most impressive veteran actors in the lead, Aasra still fails to impress us. As the trailer starts it seems like an obsolete film from the very opening scene. The movie is a family drama in which the drunkard father played by Guggu Gill has quite a few shades to show. He has his misleading friends, a caring wife, his kids, and evil enemies. Showing almost all the highlights of the movie in the trailer itself, Aasra is one of those many films which come and go and no one really gets to know about them. There is too much happening in the trailer itself. The badly edited trailer runs through different scenes one after the other without any cohesion.

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Also in the times of young actors, seeing Guggu Gill play the role of the father of young kids is completely bizarre. We have seen him as the grandfather or a father of grown-ups since long now. A jump to the younger role doesn’t suit him. Doubtful about the shows that this movie would get in the times when there is such tough competition. But leaving everything aside we will give this one a miss for sure.


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