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An Incident Which Proves That Chamkila Was A Man Of His Words!

By: Gurwinder | September 9, 2019

In the recent floods of Punjab, more than 300 villages of Jalandhar, Ropar & Ferozpur got affected badly. More than three decades back in 1988, when floods had hit Punjab, it was one of the biggest natural disasters that this region had faced. The floods had affected almost every district of Punjab.

In that period, many Punjabi singers canceled their musical programs. In most of the cases, they had already taken the advance payment. Chamkila and Amarjot Kaur both died months before the 1988 floods. As artists, they were performing in different parts of Punjab and outside Punjab on a daily basis. While traveling some obstacles were always there (car breakdown, health issues, unavailability of crew members or driver, bad weather, address confusion of venue etc) but Chamkila was said to be a man of his words. He would make sure that he never canceled his program even during the time of natural crisis or any other problem.

Most of Punjab's villages were not developed back then, so during the rainy season, lower and riverside villages would get waterlogged.

Prior to 1988 floods, water was still overflowing in Satluj and somewhere during those days Chamkila and Amarjot Kaur were to perform in a village near Shahpur Bela district Roopnagar. His musicians kept telling him that there is no point in going as they won't be able to reach the village by road.

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But Chamkila told everyone to be ready for the akhara. They parked their car near Kiratpur Sahib Railway Station and headed towards the Satluj river which was overflowing. Boats were being used as the means of transportation.

While Chamkila and his crew went on to sit in the overcrowded boat, Amarjot Kaur refused by saying, she doesn't want to die and they better leave without her. Chamkila told her that the family which had booked them for the musical program would be disappointed. and they must keep their promise. Amarjot Kaur agreed to accompany them when a second boat arrived. Anxious Amarjot sat in the boat, closed her eyes and started praying.

The family thought Chamkila and Amarjot won't turn up for the program, but they were overjoyed to see both of them arrive with smiles. 

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