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Mitti Virasat Babbran Di Trailer Review: Looks Promising, Its Fate Depends On Performances!

By: Prakriti | August 11, 2019

Yesterday the trailer of upcoming movie Mitti Virasat Babbran Di released on the internet. Produced by Hema Malini & Venky Rao, the movie is directed by Hriday Shetty. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are penned by Rabbi Kandola. Having an ensemble star cast, this film has Rabbi Kandola, Nishawn Bhullar, Japji Khaira, Jagjeet Sandhu, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Aakanksha Sareen, Prince Kanwaljit Singh playing important characters.

Mitti Virasat Babbran Di Trailer:

Review: The story of the movie travels back and forth in time narrating the tale of rebellious youngsters in the previous era and in today’s time. The story is about their love for their freedom the extent they would go to achieve it. Having an interesting build-up showing two different phases, the trailer moves forward showing the other characters. The pivotal actors like Jagjeet Sandhu, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Nishawn Bhullar, Dheeraj Kumar, and Rabbi Kandola seem to be strong characters who are taking this content-oriented script forward with their performances.

Though the actresses seem to have lesser prominence, there obviously is a romantic angle to the film too. 

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Starting on a very promising note and the fact that it is based on real events soars our expectations even higher. Not going with the flow, this one seems like a novel tale of courage, valor, and strength. The first look and the teaser of the movie were quite interesting in their own ways and now the trailer hasn’t let us down. Releasing on 23rd August 2019, we are looking forward to this unique script oriented movie.

Keeping our fingers crossed that the performances are up to the mark! 

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