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Sad News: Sharry Mann's Mother Passes Away!

By: Prakriti | July 18, 2019

It is always painful to see a parent go away. No matter how big or successful one gets, but the parents' love and support are needed always. And while we all were praying for Sharry Mann's mother for a speedy recovery a piece of sad news just crossed our way.

Sharry Mann has posted a picture with his mother Harmel Kaur and shared the news about her demise. Sharing the sad news with his fans he poured his heart-wrenching feelings in the caption which made us quite emotional.

Sharry quoted,"Alvida maa...hor kuch nahi kehan nu bas...
Tu mar ke vi mere fikar hi karne aa par tera siyana putt banan di koshish karda rahunga"

As the news traveled, many from the industry and his fans poured out strengthening messages for his family and him.
It was just today when he shared about his mother's illness with his fans. Urging them to pray for her, he posted a heartfelt note giving credits of his success to his mother. The man shared that she has been hospitalized since a while now. He also stated that this is the reason why he isn’t active on social media.

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We pray that his mother’s soul rests in peace and may God give his family enough strength to bear this great loss. Sharry Mann's love for his mother is not hidden from any of his ardent fans. His songs 'atte di chiri', 'meri bebe', and many more have always proved that this man is a true mother's boy and a family lover.

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