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Ranjit Kaur’s Family Had To Leave Their Rented House Due To Her Singing? Why?

By: Harleen Kaur | June 29, 2019

There was a time when the family of legendary singer Ranjit Kaur had to go through a lot due to her love for music. Ranjit Kaur was born into a financially humble family of Ropar which later on migrated to Ludhiana when her father took up the job of an electrician there.

Ranjit Kaur and her family settled down in a village called Jamalpur, which also happens to be the native village of legendary Punjabi folk singer Harcharan Grewal. Luckily, Ranjit Kaur’s family rented a house which was near to Harcharan Grewal’s house. In order to make both ends meet, Ranjit Kaur’s mother used to teach stitching and tailoring to the girls of that village.

It was during that time when Ranjit Kaur befriended the daughter of that village’s sarpanch. One day Ranjit aka Guddo was invited by her friend to her house for a religious ceremony where she sang some prayers. Needless to say, Guddo’s voice mesmerized each and every soul present there.

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Impressed by her voice, famous singer Karnail Gill suggested Ranjit Kaur’s father to keep supporting her. By then Ranjit Kaur had become a famous name amongst the villagers and they used to support her wholeheartedly.

But unfortunately, this couldn’t last long as Ranjit Kaur’s family had to leave that village and migrate to Ludhiana city. A new struggle began for Ranjit Kaur’s family after this, as they had to relocate their rented premise every now and then. It became indeed tough for her family to find rented accommodation because most of the landlords were reluctant to lend their house to Ranjit Kaur’s family due to her musical background! Surprising, isn’t it?

During this phase, her family had to suffer a lot due to her music and this struggle continued relentlessly for almost 4 more years until she got her decisive success. Therefore after gaining fame, the first thing she did was to buy a home for her family!

Well, that’s indeed inspiring! Ranjit Kaur Ji you are a perfect synonym of the expression “If you expect life to be easy, challenges will seem difficult. If you accept that challenges may occur, life will be easier.”

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