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Interview: From Punjabi Films To English Series, Here's What Preet Baath Is Upto Now!

By: Gurwinder | June 23, 2019

Preet Baath followed his passion for acting even though he belongs to the family of police officials. He did study law like his brother but he wanted to follow his passion for acting. Preet proved his acting caliber in his debut film Kande. But in an industry where singers are preferred as actors, it’s tough for a non-singer actor to make it big too soon. We talked to him about certain aspects of Punjabi Cinema and about his upcoming projects and here's what the man had to say:

1. Talking about your debut film, what do you think went wrong with it? There were a lot of expectations from a Kavi Raz Film.

Frankly speaking, I did not get into the analysis of it as to what went wrong. In my case, everything about the film went right for me. On the digital platform, it's one of the most watched films. It also comes regularly on TV channels. My work was appreciated. Thanks to Kande I got more work in the industry.

2. Are you in touch with Kavi Raz? Doing any film with him?

Hanji..I am in touch with him. I don’t fit in the two films he is working on right now. He will cast me when he will have something suitable for me. We will surely work again.

3. Your next is going to be Jugni Yaaran Di. Tell us about this film.

Jugni Yaaran Di is a fun film. Its Director Sagar S Sharma has done a brilliant job. I got a very positive response post its trailer release. It was good to work with Deep Joshi. Rest of the cast and the new girls Siddhi Ahuja and Mahima Hora have done a very good job in the film.

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4. Not many are aware of two of the big projects you were doing. Is there any progress?

Yes, Khadkuwaad was going to be my debut film. But due to its subject, the film had issues with the censor board. The makers are now trying to put it back on track. Another one was a biopic based on Shiv Kumar Batalvi. I really don’t know what happened to it.

5. On a large scale, the Punjabi Film Industry is a singer driven Industry. Have you ever felt insecure about it?

There are only 4-5 bankable singers who are also good at acting. Other than them how many other singers are successful as an actor or known as good actors?
It feels great to see Dev Kharoud doing so well. He not only paved a way for other non-singer actors, but even producers are now finally realizing it. This trend might not stop, but things will surely change for real actors too.

6. What keeps you busy other than acting? I m asking this question because a singer will be busy with his singing, when not acting. But most of our non-singer actors cannot be fully dependent on acting in our Industry.

I understand your point, but I am fortunate to have work coming my way. I recently shot for an English series called Emergency #1006. It was a different kind of medium for me and I have got more offers after it. As of now, I don’t want to shift my base to Mumbai. Even though I want to expand my reach, but I like to work in my own language. Though it is not like a side career option, I used to play football during my academic years and I am very particular about my fitness. I never think about choosing an alternative career option as acting keeps me busy.

7. Talking about our industry, our celebrities are not open about their relationships. Are you dating anyone?

(Laughs) No, I am not dating anyone. I am very much single..tohar naal shadaa.

There is no family pressure about marriage either. They know that right now my full focus is on my acting career.

8. What kind of roles do you want to do? Tell me about the artists you want to work with?

I would love to do biopics based on any martyr's life. I like intense angry young man roles that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan used to do and if given a chance, I would like to work with him. I just watched the trailer of Munda Hi Chahida and Harish Verma is such a wonderful actor. I would like to act alongside him. I like Amrinder Gill films, this is a kind of cinema I want to be associated with.

9. What’s your next film after Jugni Yaaran Di?

There is Mitran Nu Shaunq Hathyara Da coming up next which has almost been completed. Soon we will start the dubbing phase. It will release this year. Talks are on for two more films as well.

In the last couple of years, many non-singer actors have made their debut in Punjabi Cinema, but they vanished right after their debut film. Preet Baath is ready with his second release Jugni Yaaran Di and is already working on his next film. With more film offers already coming his way, we hope Preet Baath will make his mark in the Punjabi Film Industry as an established actor. 

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