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Do You Know Harish Verma Is Also A Psychologist?

By: Harleen Kaur | June 20, 2019

Harish Verma's name is in the list of those very few actors who have evolved completely in the last decade. His transformation has amused not just his fans but also his critics who were quite cynical about his success in the beginning.

In these years he has constantly pushed his limits to new scales with sheer success. If you compare Harish Verma of Panjaban movie with Harish Verma of 'Yaar Anmulle' you will notice a major difference. His character of 'Jatt Tinka' in 'Yaar Anmulle' became so popular that people started calling him  'Jatt Tinka' rather than by his original name.

But he didn't stop even here. After acting he went on to prove his mettle in singing with songs like 'Yaar Ve' and 'Ek Vaari Hor Soch Lae' with excellence. But doesn't it make you think as to how this lad is so perfect? How does he manage to ace each and every task he takes up?

Well, to crack this answer we will have to turn the pages of his life backward. So let's go into it!

Born in a middle-class family of Ropar district, Harish had all the instincts of being an artist right from his childhood. When he grew up he joined a theatre group where his character was polished by his mentor.

Also, he kept on surging ahead with his studies and went on to secure a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and probably that's what became his strength from here onwards. Certainly, it was the study of psychology which helped him a lot in molding his real-life character in accordance with the situation, especially during the phase when his near and dear ones where blatantly criticizing his decision of stepping into the shoes of a singer.

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Probably his study of psychology also helped him a lot in persuading his mentor and best friend director Anurag Singh into directing him for a music video, who initially refused to direct it.

So, guys, this was a psychologist Harish Verma for you, who smartly knows how to handle 'chemical lochas'  of life.

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