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Know How Kulwinder Billa Became Hit Through Bluetooth

By: Harleen Kaur | May 23, 2019

It was the time of 2008-09 when a sound clip was being circulated all over Punjab. The sound clip had a song, whose lyrics were “Kaale Kyun Paida Keetey Jahaan Utte, Rabba Sanu Nai Gore Pasand Karde”. Although the clip was not a properly recorded piece and was just a roughly recorded piece by an unknown guy, in spite of all this, it was being loved by people. The song was spreading like wildfire from one mobile phone to another through 'Bluetooth' as Facebook or Whatsapp was not much popular back then!

People were keenly speculating as to who the singer of this wonderful song was! Some said it was Master Saleem’s voice while some believed it was Sheera Jasvir, and some people said that it was someone else. When the video reached some music companies they went out on a hunt to find the guy behind that voice. But they too couldn’t succeed.

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A few days later, a video was uploaded with some random images and videos with that same sound clip which was being circulated by people some time back. When people saw the video they learned that the singer was neither Firoze Khan nor Master Saleem, but it a guy named Kulwinder Billa, a student of Punjabi University, Patiala. The video was viewed more than 2,00,000 times on YouTube then and this figure was quite remarkable at that time because there were hardly any smartphones or mobile internet available and people would go to cyber cafes for using the internet.

The popularity of that video turned Kulwinder Billa into an overnight star. All of a sudden, the son of a PWD employee from Mansa became a sensation in the music industry. A relatively unknown name till a few months back was now being chased by music companies for stage shows and albums!

Finally, in 2010, Kulwinder Billa’s dream came true when his first official project was launched through an album ‘Koi Khaas’. The video of ‘Kaale Rang Da Yaar’ till date has been viewed more than 5 million times. And since ‘Kaale Rang Da yaar’, the journey for Kulwinder Billa to the top has been excellent. Kulwinder; the hit machine has been delivering hits till date!

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