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Remember Shivjot's 'Pegg Day'? Here's An Interesting Story Behind This Song!

By: Harleen Kaur | May 18, 2019

Ever since his first solo release, expectations from the young Punjabi singer Shivjot have always been sky high. His first song Ford Vs Ford which got more than 18 million views has almost 100K hits on the like button. Although this figure of 18 million might seem less to you as compared to his other songs but remember this song was released at a time when the internet was still becoming popular and YouTube was starting to take off in India. So considering this factor, it can be safely said that ‘Ford Vs Ford’ was a big success!

However, after his Ford Vs Ford series, he almost vanished from the public eye for more than a couple of years. Between 2014- 2017 there were no releases by Shivjot. But the young man took everyone by surprise with his bounce back release ‘Palazzo’ in December 2017. The song also featured Himanshi Khurrana and Kulwinder Billa. Eventually, the success of ‘Palazzo’ raised the expectation bar for Shivjot even higher.

So now, Shivjot was faced with yet another challenge of at least leveling his own previous record if not breaking it since his last releases were super-duper hits. So again, he put his head down and started looking for something path-breaking. Around that time, he met some of his friends with whom he used to hang out.

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One day, he was traveling with them and all of sudden ‘Oye ajj peg day ni haiga?” came out from his mouth. A few moments later this talented singer realized that he has got what he wanted. The title ‘Peg Day’, he thought, could do the trick for him.

So after coming back, he started going deep into the idea and found yet another thought, which was if there can be Teddy Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day or Hug Day, why can’t there be Peg Day? And guess what, within no time the lyrics to the song were ready. The Boss composed the music and Simar Kaur lent her voice for the song. Shivjot himself along with Rii played the lead in the video of the track.

This song was released on 14th December 2018 and soon found its way into the playlist of all the party lovers. And that's an amazing story!

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