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Exclusive: Amit Prasher Opens Up About His Absence From Punjabi Big Screen!

By: Prakriti | May 18, 2019

Director Amit Prasher who is known for his movies like Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22, Ishq Brandy, and more, has been away from the industry for a long time. His last release 'Sardar Saab' came out in 2017 which had Jackie Shroff, Daljeet Kalsi and Guggu Gill in the lead. After 2017, we haven’t seen this man in the industry since the past couple of years. In this era when each Punjabi director is signing one movie after another, Amit being a promising director seems to be missing from the ground.

When we contacted Amit exclusively, he shared the reason for his sabbatical and said, "I know that it’s been long that I am away from the industry. This was the much-needed sabbatical in my career. Back then I was just working on projects that came to me, but after Sardar Saab, I wanted to take a break and plan my next move. There were a few ideas that were in my mind for a long time but I didn’t have the time to work on them. But during this phase, I focused on these ideas and developed them more. Irrespective of the language in which the movie would be made, I kept researching on my ideas. I did my Reiki and chalked down all the information related to the topic during these years. This break gave me the much-needed freshness."

He also added, "Now that it’s been long, even I miss the film sets. But I am glad that I am all set with my project. I would be coming soon with an announcement. I am still planning on the medium of the release and the language. Keeping all my options open, I am just glad that the Punjabi film industry has progressed in these couple of years. The audience has become more acceptable towards different subjects and the makers have started making various genres other than comedy."

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Well, we are quite excited to see this man back in action. Inspired by David Dhawan style of comedy, it would be interesting to see what he has planned in these couple of years.

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