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Yaari Jatt Di: A Cult Classic That Celebrated Silver Jubilee At The Box Office Post-1984!

By: Gurwinder | May 9, 2019

When in UK Veerendra would often stay at Surinder Singh Bahara's home. Bahara used to run a video parlor. One day Surinder expressed his desire of getting in to film production to Veerendra but the subjects narrated by Veerendra could not impress him.

During one of his routine days, Veerendra came across a news piece of forced marriage of a Punjab based young girl in the UK. This real incident inspired Yaari Jatt Di, with some cinematic liberties.

If looked deeply, it was a bit similar to Laung Da Lishkara. A foreign return guy falls in love with a village girl who is a victim of her step mother's maltreatment. There is a villain who eyes on the girl, a comedian for relief from melodrama and some superhit music, especially Gur Naalon Ishq Mitha. But Yaari Jatt Di was a big relief from the revenge dramas of that time, as its basic theme was romance.

The film had a regular team of Veerendra's previous films, Preeti Sapru as the leading lady, Shammi as Mother, Mehar Mittal as his friend, and Gurcharan Pohli as the villain. For the important role of the stepmother, Nirmal Rishi was considered but she was on a world tour of her theatre plays. Surinder Sharma was also doing the film, who suggested the name of his student Pummy Sidhu. Veerendra saw her performing and she was finalized. The Punjab schedule of the film was completed in three weeks, and the UK based scenes in a few days.

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Pummy Sidhu recalls those days and shares, "I have very fond memories of working in Yaari Jatt Di. Veerendraji was such a nice man, he gave me so much liberty in my dialogue delivery according to my own Malvai dialect. In one scene, I was to slap Preeti Sapru and there were few retakes for that scene. Preeti Sapru said to me, Tusi zornaal hi maar do, kujh nahi hunda. I did it and it was a perfect shot."

The film's trial show in Mumbai was appreciated by many Mumbai based bigwigs. Dharmendra advised Surinder Singh Bahara to release the film on his own, as he was sure of its success. Though Veerendra was doubtful about this decision but his doubts got cleared on the first day of the film's release. During the time when Punjabi films were running only for a few weeks, Yaari Jatt Di went on to celebrate Silver Jubilee. Post-1984, Punjabi films were not released in Delhi, but Yaari Jatt Di did release there too.

Surinder Singh Bahara was to make two more Punjabi films with Veerendra, out of which Dushmani Di Agg was 90% complete. It released after the death of Veerendra and they made some minor changes in that film. Later on, he also produced Jorawar(1995), but none of his next films could repeat the success story of Yaari Jatt Di. Even today, he wishes to get in to film production but due to groupism, he is a bit skeptical about it.

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