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Actor Deep Sidhu To Start A Film Based On Sikh History - Exclusive Details Inside!

By: Prakriti | April 26, 2019

Deep Sidhu who gave out a spectacular performance last year in Rakesh Mehta's Rang Punjab is all geared up for his next release. The man has shot for Jora 2 and the movie has got a release date. Now, Deep is planning another project and this time a big one.

In an exclusive conversation with GhaintPunjab, actor Deep Sidhu shared that he, along with his team, is working on a movie which would be based on an important chapter of the Sikh History. Talking to us further about this one he shared some exclusive details about this project.

Here are some excerpts:

Tell us about the project and the stage it has reached.

The project is about an important chapter showing events from Sikh history. It is based on the era after the gurus and has something which each one of us should know about. The project is currently in its initial stage. I and my team are working on each bit intensely. Researching on the subject, creating stuff and finding the right production house, once all of this is done,  we will have ample facts and only then will the movie go on the floor. 

More often, SGPC has problems with movies being made on Sikh History. Not all of them see the daylight, aren’t you afraid?

Look, there are two sides to each coin. SGPC is often right with their objections. Often while making movies based on Sikh History, makers take cinematic liberty which turns out to be a mockery on screen. When we are working on a project like this, we must be over cautious of what we show. The audience would be believing us, hence, SGPC is just preventing such mockery in the name of cinema.

Talking about the flip side, sometimes these powers are overstretched by the authorities and the makers suffer in between. I would hope I don’t land in such a muck because if something like this happens, I would first hear their point and correct the product accordingly. Once everything is perfect, then I shall fight for my rights no matter what. While I also promise that there won't be anything that is not researched or studied properly.

We have also seen that movies with similar topics are announced but they never go on the floor. Why?

Makers get inspired by strong subjects but then getting everything on the floor is a big task. Period movies depict an era which needs a proper setup. All this involves a lot of cost and maybe this is the reason why many projects get shut in between.

While you are planning a movie on the same line? Have you thought about the budget?

Yes, we know that the budget will be huge. This is the reason why we want a proper production house with us. Unlike many others, we aren’t asking for money from religious organizations. It will be a very professional project with ample research about facts and the right budget so that the product is a high-class masterpiece for the audiences.

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It is great to see how this man has been taking Punjabi film making so seriously. Realizing the fact that Sikh History should be shown as it was and not in a manipulated manner, we wish Deep Sidhu all the luck for this project. Investors interested in Sikh oriented films are free to contact Deep Sidhu if they wish to be a part of this film.

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