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The Demand For Punjabi Movie Channels Is Merely 0.3%??

By: Gurleen | April 25, 2019

Movie channels are a favorite pass time of any Indian who is sitting idle at home or any other place. If TV is an available option then the viewer generally flips through the array of channels and finally settles for the film which, either he has not seen before, or something that seems entertaining to him.

In any case, the tv viewing segment in India is still less than a quarter of viewership, as per 2018 Yearbook of the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC India), The Indian Express reported.

While Hindi movie channels have more than two-thirds audience backing, south channels follow with Telugu at 11%, Tamil at 6% and Kannada at 4%. The English movie channel watchers are only 1% of the viewership.

Shockingly, the demand for Punjabi movie channels is even lesser. Only 0.3% of the total tv viewing audience watches Punjabi movie channels.

Talking about the time spent then the watchers spend about one hour and twenty-two minutes on an average on Hindi movie channels, which is followed by southern languages. Telugu movies lead with a time spent of one hour and three minutes followed by other southern languages.

For Punjabi movie channels, the viewer only spends an average of a little more than 18 minutes and for English, it is 21 minutes.

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According to a FICCI Frames report, in 2018, television was the most prevalent entertainment and media industry in India with around Rs 740 billion gross. Though online gaming and digital media are posing as a challenge to this medium the majority still chooses TV for their entertainment, said the report.

The same report suggested that there has also been a shift towards digital content and more Indians have started paying for online content as compared to 2017. There was an overwhelming increase of 262% in the digital market, estimated to be around Rs 14.2 billion. The report predicted that digital global audience has shown more inclination towards homegrown entertainment which is what Indian content creators should push more.

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