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Ah! Check Out Newbie Deesh Sandhu Nailing This Mashup Of Jagmohan Kaur's Folk Songs!

By: Harloveen | April 24, 2019

It is rare to find a voice that is loud, clear and friendly to the ears, especially when you're listening to folk songs. Punjab's soil has produced some of the finest female folk artists and one such singer was Jagmohan Kaur. She had the ability to sing on a high pitch with a strong throw and a similar touch was heard in the voice of a fresh talent named Deesh Sandhu. Deesh has recently released a mashup of Jagmohan Kaur's songs and we pretty much like it. 

Check out the video yourself:

A tribute to Jagmohan Kaur, this mashup has been released on the official YouTube channel of Kaos Productions. The video is a simple studio shot version but Deesh does look appealing in the frames. While talking to Daily Ent Xpress., Amo Hayer opened up about how this talented singer approached them and how this beautiful mashup turned out to be a great collaboration. 

Amo Hayer of Kaos Productions said, "After seeing an interview of mines, Deesh sent us an email explaining who she was and what she wanted to do. Things fell in place because we were on the same page and that's how this collaboration happened." 

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Well, the lady does have quite a folk vocal tone but you will be surprised to know that Deesh is actually a banker by profession. She was born and raised in West London but is now living in the Midlands. She started singing when she was 4 and has always been a passionate singer. Her recitation of kirtan as a child was the foundation of her singing career.

Though a fresh female vocalist just out of the cocoon, the lady has already got several bookings lined up. Her first performance is scheduled for 5th May 2019 at Hayes Mela where the main act is by the Waris brothers. She has also got bookings from other melas and events and from the mouth of the producers, Deesh has a lot more coming for all those who've loved her work, in the coming days.

Her debut track is being planned for later this year.

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