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Can You Imagine Diljit Dosanjh Doing A South Indian Film?? The Man Wants To Now!

By: Gurleen | April 19, 2019

Seems like hopping between Punjabi films, Hindi films, Punjabi songs, reality TV shows and ad shoots is still not enough for Diljit Dosanjh because now the man wants to try his luck in South Indian films! 

Imagine him doing the films there...woah exciting haina...but how will he speak the language? It makes us giggle when we visualize Diljit holding a coconut and bashing the villains with it in the action sequence and ultimately after winning the fight he maros a dialogue 'anna rascala'. Smile jahi aa jandi na soch ke..cute lgega patandar. 

So, how do we know that he wants to do a South Indian film? Oh, he said it himself. 

In a recent report by IANS, Diljit was quoted as saying, "I like south Indian films... the action and all. My make-up person is from south. He keeps telling me the names of superstars from south India. If I get a good film from there, I will do it."

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He also confessed that the way he can express himself in Punjabi language is not the same in English or Hindi. But from whatever he gets in Bollywood, he chooses his options. 

He further added that he can make Punjabi films at his discretion without worrying too much about the box office outcome, for instance, Sajjan Singh Rangroot was not a commercial success but he wanted to make a film on this story so he did. But in Bollywood, he says, he cannot make films his way. The reason he gives is that the scale of a Bollywood film is bigger. He concludes by saying, "I haven't reached that level yet."

Well, the man is not far away from that 'level' though the heights that he has achieved are historical in their own way. Let's wait to see if the man really is doing a South Indian film or is it just a gallan di gal. 

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