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Know How Harvinder Kaler Became Kanth Kaler, A Mistake That Proved Lucky!

By: Amrinder Singh | April 10, 2019

Harvinder Singh Kaler, aka Kanth Kaler, the king of sad songs barely needs an introduction. His songs have brought solace to many a young heart especially in the times of heartache when one only has his own company and some sad music.

Things apart, the voice of this Punjabi singer definitely has something in it which puts millions of hearts into a sense of astonishment. The 46-year-old singer who is going to turn 47, stepped into the arena of Punjabi music for the first time in 1998. His first album ‘Hun Teri Nigah Badal Gayi’ introduced him to the Punjabi music lovers. Since then, his journey is going on relentlessly without any break.

A few of you might know that his spiritual guru Baba Murad Shah rewarded him with the name of Kanth Kaler after he got impressed by his singing. Upon his advice, Harinder Kaler changed his name to Kanth Kaler. But very few of you might know that his name became ‘Kaler Kanth’ for a brief stint due to a printing mistake!

When posters and cassette covers of his first album ‘Hun Teri Nigah Badal Gayi’ were sent to the printing press, the printing press made it ‘Kaler Kanth’ instead of ‘Kanth Kaler’. He and producers went on with ‘Kaler Kanth’ instead of ‘Kanth Kaler’ and eventually Harvinder Singh Kaler of Nakodar became ‘Kaler Kanth’.

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The change of name indeed turned to be lucky for the singer. Since then, he has been delivering hits one after the other like a hit machine. In the last decade, the singer has made his own fan base despite the fact that he was competing with a number of legends in the initial time of his career.

His songs like ‘Jaan’, ‘Intezaar’ and ‘Haare Sajna’ have made him into a legendary singer. Even in the era of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Jazz, his songs are in the playlist of every young Punjabi music listener.

Which one is your favourite?

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